Fun State Pools


I just wanted to send a note of thanks along with our final payment for the pool that you recently completed for us. We are very pleased both wih the professionalism of the employees as well as the quality of the work done. Thank you for a job well done. We look forward to the many years of enjoyment that this beautiful pool will provide because of your quality work. It has been a very pleasant experience!

Mark and Rosemary DeLaFleur

Enclosed is our check for the recent invoice to replace our pool pump. My husband and I are continually amazed at the excellent customer service we receive from your company. Everything was handled in a professional and timely manner. Tillis, John and your other employees are always courteous and most helpful when we have a question or a problem.

It is a pleasure to do business with you and anytime you need a reference we would be glad to give one for Fun State Pools.

Linda Kelecy

Dear Tom,

I have been meaning to write you and tell you how pleased we are with our pool that Fun State put in this last summer. Everything came out perfectly. There were no alterations in anything we had discussed about our needs and wants with the design and function of the pool. Fun State started on time and kept pace in a timely manner with deadlines. All phases of the construction were handled very professionally. All the subs were very polite and professional…(despite the fact that my dog kept stealing their lunches). The lion’s heads were a little tricky, however Fun State was very accommodating. I know you probably took a loss on those. We on the other hand are extremely pleased with the outcome. They are beautiful and we get lots of compliments! The colored lighting is lots of fun. We all love the colors at night and all our friends just love the colors as well. Our spa turned out wonderful. It is so large and I love the fact we have 5 jets. I was a little worried whether the jets would be strong enough… but they are plenty strong. I also love the fact we decided to put in a larger heater. The spa takes not time to heat up… its wonderful. The 2HP pump was another great idea. Finally I love the fact I have an overflow drain and I never have to worry about too much rain. The pool takes care of itself in terms of water level. Thanks for all your advice and suggestions. Your experience really shows and is really appreciated. I appreciate all the sketches I put you through. You always showed a strong interest in new design ideas and would yet make another sketch. You were extremely patient and always friendly with me. All in all it really couldn’t have gone any better. Thanks for making it so pleasant… and thanks for the wonderful pool. It has improved our quality of life around the house.

Layla Sullivan

Dear Fun State Pools crew,

Thank you very much for the smooth as promised construction of our pool. We love it and hope to enjoy using it for a long time.

Your systematic way of scheduling the job made everything go as scheduled. We are looking forward to recommend your company to our friends.

Again, thank you everyone
Mr. and Mrs. Canlas

Dear Fun State,

We love our new spa! Thank you for the great service this past year, we appreciate it .
Happy Holidays!!!

Gary and Earlene Lipawski

To all Emplyees and Owner-

Your company is aptly named. We have never dealt with a company that is such a pleasure to work with. People who are kind, friendly human beings. Your cheerfulness on the job is wonderful to watch. Your happiness with your work is attested to, by the excellent quality which you produce. We have watched you daily as our neighborhood has been building. Happily our neighbors seem to have opted for your company to build their pools and we thought that we were the only smart ones around.

Our pool is perfect thanks to all of you. As we enjoy it, and verily we do, you are in our grateful thoughts. Thank you for building our pool, and for the absolute lack of problems.

Marilyn and Sam Krumholz

Dear Mr. Smith:

I have recently received your invoice and credit for the repair of the pool light in my pool. I was very pleasantly surprised to see that there was no charge for the service. It is acts of kindness and generosity on your part that make me continue to hold Fun State Pools in the highest regard. I I realize that my pool is old enough now to be outside of its warranty. Yet, you have performed this repair service for us at no charge. Ever since our pool was completed several years ago, I was convinced that Fun Start was committed to excellence in all areas. This excellence continues long after construction is completed. I have spoken very highly of Fun State to all my friends and I will continue to do so. I can only hope that this will reward you with future business because you deserve it.

Craig Henderson, D.C.

I am sending you this note to thank you for the kind consideration that you have given me since our pool was built. In this crazy world that we live in there are very few people that stand behind what they sell or the work they do. I heard many fine things from people I talked to before we selected you to build our pool and also from the people that work for you. It is our wish that you have good health and prosper all of your days. I hope you enjoy the baked goods, they were made from recipes that I passed on to my grandchildren who now run their own bakery.

Martin Hightman